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Our Story

Chuiverse Cards LLC

Open as of June 2021, Chuiverse Cards is an Veteran Owned collectable card shop carrying items ranging from board games to Pokemon products. We also host local tournaments for Pokemon and Magic The Gathering. Once a month we also host board game night, providing the space and board games for those who attend. Our goal is to create a community of fun and passionate collectors and gamers of all ages by helping to supply product to the casual TCG Player to the most serious collectors. We hope to provide a family friendly environment to encourage collectors of all ages.  



Ramon grew up, as most 90's kids, loving everything Pokemon, anime, and sports. Growing up with three sisters and a mother, who was a hard working single parent, money tended to be tight. Ramon found ways to escape into the world of trading cards and gaming by going to gaming shops and the trading card shop in the mall where he would spend lots of time trading and building his collections all on his own. This childhood hobby never went away and only grew into a deep rooted passion. Ramon served for eleven years as an active duty Air Force firefighter and currently works as a EMT/ Firefighter for PWC DFR. While serving his country and community, he has expanded his passion to a store front in Stafford, VA which he hopes to help bring the nostalgia and passion, that helped shape him, to many others.