Victini V Battle Deck
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Victini V Battle Deck

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Burn Strong and Burn Bright—with Victini V! Get ready to ignite a massive blaze and then keep Victini V well supplied with fuel for the fire! With Chatot picking up some extra Fire Energy and Cinderace grabbing more from the discard pile, you’ve got a Fire-type deck that knows how to burn quickly and keep the fires hot. Ninetales, Turtonator, and Scorbunny add extra heat to the Victini V Battle Deck!

In this box, you’ll find: 1 ready-to-play 60-card deck 3 reference cards 1 rules booklet Single-player playmat Damage counters 1 large metallic coin 1 deck box 1 Quick Guide to unlock the strategies within 1 code card to play this deck online

Deck List: Victini V ×1 Cinderace ×2 Raboot ×3 Scorbunny ×3 Ninetales ×2 Vulpix ×3 Turtonator ×1 Cinccino ×1 Minccino ×2 Chatot ×2 Bede ×2 Dan ×2 Evolution Incense ×1 Great Ball ×2 Gym Trainer ×2 Hop ×4 Level Ball ×2 Milo ×2 Professor’s Research ×2 Sonia ×1 Switch ×2 Fire Energy ×18